Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lamp Update

When we bought our MN house five years ago we moved from a three bedroom ranch with no basement and a tiny living room, to a four bedroom ranch with a nice finished basement. Right before we moved we found a family selling their living room set and since it was in our budget of $400 and contained everything we needed for our new basement we jumped on the deal. It wasn't in style, it is definitely from the 90's, but it came with a glider rocker, sofa sleeper, lamps, side tables and a t.v. stand. I've finally started to update some of the 90's forest green accessories to match our current style. 
This is the before and after of my latest update.
I love how they turned out and they are definitely more neutral so they should last a while.
I've been wanting some new lamps for upstairs to brighten up our living room area, but when I went to Target their lamps were $20-$30 without the shade which was an additional $30. $50-$80 just for lighting when we already lighting that worked didn't sound like a wise use of our money. We don't have a huge home décor/home improvement budget so I put that idea on hold.
While perusing Pinterest, I found some cute lamps people had redone. Since I had most of the supplies I needed I thought this would be the way to go. I have lots of fabric, but nothing I had would work for what I had in mind. I surfed the Internet for discount fabric, but boy is décor fabric expensive!
While at Target today shopping for the oldest two kids' birthdays I wondered down the back of the linens isle and found the perfect fabric. In it's old life the fabric I used for my lamps was a curtain, but I love how it turned out on my lamps and it was only $5. I took Shawn down the lighting isle at Target and they had almost the exact same fabric on some lamp shades and they were $25 each.
With my new fabric in hand I raced home and tore off the old, dusty green fabric covers and used modge podge to paste on the new fabric along with some Aleene's glue for the edges. I even had the silver spray paint at home so I didn't have to buy that either. 

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  1. Very impressive, Carrie! My bedside lap is a horrible gold color. Maybe I can do something similar.