Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learning Without Books Part 1

Shawn had to head out to the east coast for three weeks of training for work, so the kids and I headed south to spend some quality time visiting family. Since we homeschool, it wasn't a big deal to leave home for a few weeks to take a vacation. I love the flexibility homeschooling allows! The kids did miss a few activities, but we love visiting with our families and try to make that a top priority. I always take some homeschool work with us, but we never get as much done as I think. This time we did quite a bit of book work, but most of our learning occurred without books. 

The kids had a blast playing outside playing with their cousins and I even got to attend the Midwest Parent Educators homeschool conference in Kansas City while my parents watch the kids. My sister-in-law, Staci was able to attend with me and we stayed at her mother's house for a couple of nights. It's nice to have family connections around the area.

 Building and construction

 The kids got lots of driver's ed. practice on Papa's farm.

 The kids spent hours building forts with bark and fallen limbs in Papa and Nana's trees. I love their creativity and cooperation.

 We explored building bridges across the dry creek with old boards and fallen logs.

 P.E. at its best! I can't tell you how many times they ran across these bridges.

 The kids loved rowing up and down the creek in Papa's rowboat and I burned some calories while I paddled.

 The Kansas wind is really good for flying kites!

 Easter Egg hunt at the Cook's house.

We did get to visit the Konza Prairie Museum in Manhattan, KS with my parents, brother's family and sister-in-law's mom. Shawn did some research at Konza Prairie before we got married, so it was fun to see pictures of a place where he used to work. We will definitely have to go back there with Shawn someday.

The girls made flowers for their hats that Nana bought for them, made quilting projects, did some baking and Papa put Kolsen to work cutting down saplings. We had lots of fun that I didn't capture on camera. I'm so thankful that my parents are able and willing to host us for extended amounts of time. We had a blast playing all week long!

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