Friday, April 18, 2014

Learning Without Books Part 2

After spending a week at my parent's house we traveled down south, two hours further to Shawn's folks. They kept the kid sand I busy the whole week long! I want to thank Nana for the early birthday gifts of a haircut and massage.

 Nana gave Karolyn a new art book from Usborne for her birthday so we had to try out a new painting technique while we were with our favorite art teacher (Nana Yvette).

 Watching Nana demonstrate how to make a sky backdrop.

 Karolyn working on her mountains and ground. I love how these paintings turned out!

  Kassidy was able to complete a painting with a little of Nana's help.

Papa Bruce put Kolsen to work as the foreman on one of his guttering jobs, so Kolsen was busy bossing Papa around and making $$$ while we were being artists. He even had to pack Papa a lunch and figure out the bill. Could there be any better way to learn math??? I don't think so!

 The girls helped Papa plant a few rows of onions. I really wish we had a big garden like Papa's, but since we live in town I'm thankful that I have a great CSA to participate in.

 Karolyn did some riding on Cheyenne, but she ended up getting injured. She didn't get to ride as much as she wanted. Poor Cheyenne, we hope she heals quickly! Karolyn will be heading back with Yvette and Bruce next month for a special trip, so I'm hoping she'll get some cowgirl time then.

 The girls all worked on a couple of baby flannel projects for a special someone we know. 
We can't wait to find out if LT is getting a brother or a sister.

 The best part about helping Nana clean out the barn stalls, is getting to drive the tractor at the end. More driver's ed. practice.

 We travelled with lots of weapons, three bb guns, our bow and arrow and tennis rackets. Yes, tennis rackets can be a weapon, just ask my brother. 

Papa took us to our first ever cattle sale in Fairview, OK to watch his calves sell. We were all amazed at how fast the cows came in and out being sold in under a minute.

 The princesses show off their new homeschool uniforms (I mean Easter dresses).

 Karolyn managed to sneak on Cheyenne for some bareback riding.

 The girls played in Papa's prairie.

And the weather cooperated for airplane rides!


Kassidy's first solo ride!

Kolsen rode too on another day, but I didn't get a picture. He pretty much followed Papa around all week long, so I didn't get many pictures of him.

Thanks Papa! The girls had a blast!

We also toured a real sod house on its original location. My camera was in the vehicle so no pictures. We stopped in Freedom, OK to check on Kolsen and Papa and visited the town museum. Bob, a man from the town gave us a personal tour of the entire museum. I'm not sure if he thought we would break some thing or what, but he knew a lot about all the things in the museum and even put some of the ropes down so we could walk around things and try out the old vacuums. Think fire puffer (I'm not sure what the real name is) on wheels, with a wooden box.  Bruce met a really neat couple while he was putting gutter on the museum and we were able to tour their meat locker turned renovated house to see all her quilts! She had quite the stash of quilts, fabrics and even a long arm machine. I'll be praying for her as she fights her battle with cancer.

We also managed a quick trip over to Mulvane to visit with Shawn's brother's family and watch Kelton and Katie play soccer. Kelton scored a goal for his team and Katie did an amazing job defending her team's goal. Again my camera was in the car, but the kids had a blast and were totally bummed when we had to leave. 

Whew! I was totally worn out by the time we made it back to my parent's house, where we ended up spending an extra day because of snowy weather on our route home, before making the 11 hour trek back home.

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  1. We had a great time and loved participating in all the fun activities! Hope MN is warming up and we will see you all very soon! Much love...