Monday, May 5, 2014

AWANA Awards Night

We love the AWANA program and all it teaches our kids! The kids enjoyed participating again this year and Shawn and I volunteered.

 The kids all finished their books and came home with lots of awards! Next year we'll have two kids in Truth and Training and two Sparks. I can't believe my baby girl will be in Sparks next year!

 Kolsen finished his third T&T book which is no easy feat! I think only 3 boys in his group were able to complete their books. Plus, he went through and said all the Silver Sections which is 8 additional sections with 8-12 verses each!

Karolyn completed her first T&T book and was so excited for her medal. She was the only girl to finish her book which required a lot of memorizing!

Kaylee worked super hard and finished her Sparks book, went back through and did all the reviews (which is saying all the verses again!) and she also worked on her extra credit packet.

Kassidy completed her second Cubbies book and will be moving up to Sparks next year. She had a blast going to the Cubbies room each week and always amazed me by memorizing her verses! She was pretty proud of the ribbon she got to pin to her vest.

 The whole Papon crew.

After the awards ceremony there was a carnival where the kids could spend all the tickets they earned by learning verses! I was following Kassidy and Karolyn around so I didn't get pictures of the other two.

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