Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fishing and Deck Building

So with everything that has happened this month, Bruce and Yvette's visit feels like it was a life time ago. We did enjoy their visit and kept pretty busy with lots of fun and some home improvement.

Shawn took us fishing at James Lake at Maplewood State Park. They caught quite a few pike and determined that we needed a net to get the really big ones in the boat.

 Since Shawn had to drag his boat 100 yards to the lake, we brought his little jon boat. While we weren't in the boat fishing we explored the shoreline.

After fishing all morning we all got spruced up and went to the girls' dance show.

 The girls all had a blast in dance class this year and will all be switching to a different class next year. Luckily, I think we can reuse Karolyn's and Kaylee's uniform for a younger sister. Whew! I'm glad they try to use these uniforms for two years because they are spendy!

 Nana arrived just in time to help us with planting the garden and she helped us start a succulent garden which the kids love!

 I love how it turned out and we've been enjoyed having it on our kitchen table.

 Shawn put Papa to work on finishing our deck project. I'm so blessed with a husband who was willing to build me a deck exactly like I wanted with wraparound stairs. Of course this required a LOT of quick crete and fun angled cuts. Papa helped put in all the cement, Thanks Papa!

 We had a little extra cement so we found everyone (neighbor kids included) an ice cream bucket and beads to make stepping stones.

 My new extended gardening area. I planted pole beans to climb up the railings.

 We dug up all the old plants, except my chives and replanted this area. I'm trying out zucchini, spaghetti squash and cucumbers on the trellis. The kids helped me plant celery and green pepper plants and cabbage too.

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  1. My word... What a busy time!, we had a blast and the deck is absolutely beautiful!