Friday, May 30, 2014

Where did May go?

Shawn's parents left on Tuesday morning with Karolyn and about four hours later my mom called to tell us my dad was going to have open heart surgery. We packed up the kids, dropped the dog off at the kennel and headed south. The kids did a great job visiting Papa in the hospital and my dad is finally back home after 19 days in the hospital. We are so thankful for any chance we get to spend time with our families, but I'm hoping the next visit will be with everyone feeling their best.

My best friend from Wisconsin also discovered that her 14 year old son, David has leukemia while my dad was having heart surgery. It was a rough, emotional week.

My parents went to Alaska last year and I narrowed down their 2,000 photos into a photo book that I had printed at I love how it turned out! I was thinking this would be a Christmas gift, but as usual I couldn't wait that long!

My parents with all the kids.

Some day we are going to have to get more than one hotel room, but so far we can still fit our three girls in one bed. Kolsen even had a comfy couch and ottoman.

Karolyn's trip to KS didn't go quite as planned, but she managed to find plenty of time to ride Cheyenne and play with cousins.

All the K-kids.
 Karolyn, Katie, Kaylee, Kelton, Kassidy, Konnor and Kolsen.

When we got back home, Shawn and Kolsen both spent quite a bit of time finishing up the stairs on the deck.

I LOVE the finished deck and we plan to spend many hours on it this summer!

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