Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Gymnastics

I really wish money was no object! My kids love all the fun summer activities available during the summer and they always have a hard time narrowing down what activities they really want to do. This summer all three girls decided to do gymnastics. Kaylee and Kassidy were both in the same class and Karolyn's class is right after the little girls' class. We even got 1/2 off the third class fee because we had three girls in the program. :) It's always nice when you can save some money.

I'm always amazed at how much they improve over the month and this coming week is the final week of class. Nana Kristi and Papa Tom will arrive tomorrow so we are planning lots of fun activities. The girls are excited to show off their new gymnastics skills to the grandparents.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mets Baseball

Kolsen's baseball team is 4 - 0 this season so far! He's having lots of fun. I finally remembered to bring the video camera with me and actually use it.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Mish Mash of a Busy Week

 Shawn traveled down to the Twin Cities with his boss to give two presentations and receive his Biologist of the Year awards. I'm so thankful that he is able to do what he loves every day!

 Karolyn at tennis lessons.

 Kaylee at indoor tennis lessons. It has been raining a lot around here this summer.

 Waiting and watching tennis lessons while we play a game.

 This sweety gets dragged around to a lot of activities!

 The kids loved the Shrine Circus on Thursday this week. We got free tickets from our neighbors and only had to buy food! Our favorite part besides the tigers, camels, elephants and dogs were the guys who did jump roping and amazing gymnastics tumbling. 

 The sunset when we left the circus.

 Kassidy and a neighbor kid practicing t-ball.

 On Saturday, after the boys went fishing in the morning, we went out for pizza, hit up Granny's Pantry for ice cream and then tried out the beach in Battle Lake for a quick swim. The water was still pretty cold, so they did more wading than swimming, buy they still had fun.

We also managed to swing by a park on Sunday for some tennis and baseball practice. It's fun to play tennis when the kids can actually keep it in the court for more than a few hits. This next week it looking just as crazy as the last so I'm headed to bed to rest up for all the fun yet to come.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twins T-ball Fridays

Kassidy is so excited to be participating in t-ball this summer. She has a game/practice every Friday for six weeks. I love this age and the fun they have!

 Kassidy is #3 just like her big brother! 
She was happy to find out that two of her friends from dance class are on her baseball team.

 Playing 1st base

She keeps asking if its Friday yet!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Homeschool Stuff

Usually we end up taking the summers off because we need a break and the weather is so nice we can't stand to be inside. This summer we are almost done with our main history and science program, but still have six weeks left. I'm trying to finish last years books before we get out the new ones. We used My Father's World, Creation to the Greeks this year and we loved it. It always amazes me how much I learn along with the kids.

The kids have been super busy attending all of their summer activities, playing with the neighbor kids and playing outside in our warm summer weather. On our non busy days we've been working on some school stuff to keep our brains busy and avoid the "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" syndrome.

Since they've been working on school and crafting in their free time our classroom is a huge mess. We usually do school upstairs, around the coffee table, so our downstairs classroom is a dumping ground of piles. I spent a few hours cleaning up the mess and rearranging things. I still need to pull everything off the shelves and see what needs to be thrown away or put in our garage sale. Of course as I was cleaning and organizing the girls came through and had to start pulling things out to play with. I think they made 20 glitter projects that are now drying on the floor all over the room. It's always more fun to play with things when they are organized. :)

After I cleaned off my table, I was able to spend a few hours planning our next years curriculum. I love new books! Kassidy's new curriculum came in the mail last week and she has been begging me to start kindergarten. I spent some time reading through the teacher's manual and organizing all the worksheets and cutting out projects. I think we'll start on Monday or Tuesday this coming week. She asks me about starting 20 times every day.

I also worked on updating the kids' checklists to include all the subjects we are including this year. If its on their checklist it is more likely to get done. Kolsen and Karolyn's checklists look very similar to last year's, but I changed up Kaylee's quite a bit since she will be following along with the big kids this year. Kassidy is over the moon about having her own school crate and checklist just like the big kids this year. The first think she did this morning was get out all her school things and start working. Kaylee is most excited about her new grammar book and Karolyn wants to do the extra science text that I bought for Kolsen. My kids are weird and I love them!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chalk Pastels

My kids have been busy exploring with chalk pastels. I love this art site called Hodge Podge, she has the best youtube tutorials that walk the kids through the art projects. I started the kids on the first project and then they worked through the remaining projects on their own! I love that my 11 year old and my 5 year old can work on the same art project together.

Our art gallery is getting pretty full! 
Next week I'm planning on having the kids do some oil pastel projects so we'll probably have to file these away. I really wish Nana Yvette was here to help! We may have to make a trip to Fargo for art supplies before she comes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The First Weeks of Summer

I love summer! It always seems like it sneaks up on us and suddenly appears out of nowhere. We enjoyed one week off with no summer activities and then the past couple weeks everything has started up. This summer we had each kid pick out their two favorite things that they wanted to do. Boy was it hard for some of them to narrow down what they wanted!

 So this week was the start of the Papon Shuttle Service with stops all around the Fergus area.

 Karolyn, Kaylee and Kassidy all wanted to be in gymnastics! They are having a blast so far and it is only 2 days a week for 3 weeks. I even managed to get two of my girls in the same class and the other class is right after. Yeah for only have to drive there 3 times a day!

 Kaylee on the close beam in purple and black and Kassidy is on the far beam sitting down.

 Kassidy is finally old enough to do t-ball this year and is so excited for Friday to arrive for her first game.

The kids and I did some biking and we may have ended down at Taco Johns for lunch. :) At least we biked there! I'm hoping to be able to bike to the library and back this year, but my youngest two may not be quite ready for the uphill coming back to our house. 

Of course Kolsen is in baseball again this year. This boy lives and breaths baseball each summer. He told me last week he is going to keep track of his batting average this summer. :) He's on the Mets and his dad is coaching again this year, so far they are 2-0. Kolsen pitches two innings in the first game, played second base and also played catcher in the second game. 

A picture of Kolsen pitching.

We've also been making multiple trips to the library to keep up with everyone's book needs, fitting in some school on our slow mornings and meeting friends for field trips. I'm sure summer is going to fly by!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer is Here!

We have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather this week between rain storms. We took the jon boat and kayak to fish at one of the local state parks. The scenery was BEAUTIFUL and we were the only people on the entire lake. 

Kassidy loves fishing with her barbie pole and Karolyn maneuvered all over the lake by herself in the kayak.

 Kaylee caught two huge bass!

 We also met up with a few local homeschool families on Wednesday at a different state park about 20 minutes from our house. They have free gps units to use for geo-caching so we checked out four units and completed the avian bird geo-cache. Luckily we had Kolsen, another mom and our bird book along to identify all the birds in the questions!

On the dock with our treasure box!

Kolsen also had his first baseball game and he pitched two of the innings. His team won and I think they are going to enjoy their season. Kassidy gets her hat, shirt and schedule tomorrow and starts her games next week. She's pretty excited! Kolsen and Karolyn both had book club and I had a planning meeting for our local co-op group to plan out the classes we will have for this fall semester. We have so many families interested in attending that we had to add an extra age group. Whew, I'm worn out and I haven't even mentioned registering for summer reading and all the school work we did. It's going to be a busy summer.