Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Mish Mash of a Busy Week

 Shawn traveled down to the Twin Cities with his boss to give two presentations and receive his Biologist of the Year awards. I'm so thankful that he is able to do what he loves every day!

 Karolyn at tennis lessons.

 Kaylee at indoor tennis lessons. It has been raining a lot around here this summer.

 Waiting and watching tennis lessons while we play a game.

 This sweety gets dragged around to a lot of activities!

 The kids loved the Shrine Circus on Thursday this week. We got free tickets from our neighbors and only had to buy food! Our favorite part besides the tigers, camels, elephants and dogs were the guys who did jump roping and amazing gymnastics tumbling. 

 The sunset when we left the circus.

 Kassidy and a neighbor kid practicing t-ball.

 On Saturday, after the boys went fishing in the morning, we went out for pizza, hit up Granny's Pantry for ice cream and then tried out the beach in Battle Lake for a quick swim. The water was still pretty cold, so they did more wading than swimming, buy they still had fun.

We also managed to swing by a park on Sunday for some tennis and baseball practice. It's fun to play tennis when the kids can actually keep it in the court for more than a few hits. This next week it looking just as crazy as the last so I'm headed to bed to rest up for all the fun yet to come.


  1. So proud of Shawn and all he has accomplished... he sure has a burning passion for protecting our lands.... and you still have a little time to go play.... Enjoy the busy summer days... Fall is just around the corner!