Sunday, June 15, 2014

Homeschool Stuff

Usually we end up taking the summers off because we need a break and the weather is so nice we can't stand to be inside. This summer we are almost done with our main history and science program, but still have six weeks left. I'm trying to finish last years books before we get out the new ones. We used My Father's World, Creation to the Greeks this year and we loved it. It always amazes me how much I learn along with the kids.

The kids have been super busy attending all of their summer activities, playing with the neighbor kids and playing outside in our warm summer weather. On our non busy days we've been working on some school stuff to keep our brains busy and avoid the "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" syndrome.

Since they've been working on school and crafting in their free time our classroom is a huge mess. We usually do school upstairs, around the coffee table, so our downstairs classroom is a dumping ground of piles. I spent a few hours cleaning up the mess and rearranging things. I still need to pull everything off the shelves and see what needs to be thrown away or put in our garage sale. Of course as I was cleaning and organizing the girls came through and had to start pulling things out to play with. I think they made 20 glitter projects that are now drying on the floor all over the room. It's always more fun to play with things when they are organized. :)

After I cleaned off my table, I was able to spend a few hours planning our next years curriculum. I love new books! Kassidy's new curriculum came in the mail last week and she has been begging me to start kindergarten. I spent some time reading through the teacher's manual and organizing all the worksheets and cutting out projects. I think we'll start on Monday or Tuesday this coming week. She asks me about starting 20 times every day.

I also worked on updating the kids' checklists to include all the subjects we are including this year. If its on their checklist it is more likely to get done. Kolsen and Karolyn's checklists look very similar to last year's, but I changed up Kaylee's quite a bit since she will be following along with the big kids this year. Kassidy is over the moon about having her own school crate and checklist just like the big kids this year. The first think she did this morning was get out all her school things and start working. Kaylee is most excited about her new grammar book and Karolyn wants to do the extra science text that I bought for Kolsen. My kids are weird and I love them!

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