Thursday, July 10, 2014


Parts of our garden are doing amazing and other parts are struggling along because of the rainy, spring weather. The most exciting part of the garden this year was the new space that we were able to add because of the deck. I feel like we doubled our space and we planted a lot of things that we haven't tried in the past.

 Our three rows of mix color beans are blooming like crazy. I think we'll be picking beans by the end of the week. I got these seeds from my homeschool mom's banquet and I'm eager to see how this new variety turns out. We also have a couple rows of onions which seem to be doing well, but are hard to see.

 We plated three jalapeno plants and three banana pepper plants this year. They are small, but are already producing vegetables.

 The big fail for this year seems to be my poor tomato plants. We bought some really small tomato plants and they grew to monstrous size in no time. Last week they started wilting one by one. We think it is because we've been having so much rain. A few of them seem like they'll perk back up and I bought two more at the farmer's market this past weekend to plant in place of the ones which looked really done for. I was dreaming about all the salsa and tomato sauce we would be putting up this fall and I'm devastated that they are dead. I'm not sure if I should by more? or if it is too late to plant new plants because our growing season is pretty short.

 My favorite new part of the garden is the spot for pole beans along the deck. They are already at the top and trying to go higher.

 Another new section of the garden is up by our house. Our backyard is pretty shaded, but right up by the house is really sunny and hot all summer long. This year I dug up all of Shawn's wildflowers (poor guy) and planted this area to garden too. I bought three beautiful trellis and planted spaghetti squash, cucumbers and zucchini. I found our that zucchini is NOT a vining plant, it's more of a bush, so next year I'll have to plant it to the side of the air conditioner and not behind it. I finally moved the middle trellis over towards the cucumber plants because they are going crazy.

I also planted celery and green peppers in the area in front of the vining plants. So far it seems to be working out well. I also have chives that need to be cut and frozen (to the right of the air condenser).

 Our raspberries are ripe this week and I've yet to see any make it into our house.

 We used all the large pots we could find in the shed for flowers along the deck and put one green pepper and one tomato plant (from the farmer's market in town) in pots. We'll see how these ones do.

 My first green pepper of the season.

 I planted cabbage and lettuce in front of the pole beans. The lettuce we've had so far has been delicious.

 My first cucumber. YEAH! I've never had the space to plant any vining plants, so I'm excited about adding these to our garden!

 Another sad picture of my poor tomato plants. I couldn't believe how tall they were and then they just bit the dust.

My spice rack. I planted basil, cilantro (which has seeded out already) and parsley.

We are also doing the Bluebird Garden's CSA again this summer, so we are getting a big box of vegetables to eat each week. We'll be swimming in vegetables all summer long!

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  1. We tried pole beans and the heat fried them. :-( As much as I dislike winter, I see your garden as a huge perk to dealing with the endless winter snow!