Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Crazy

Its been another crazy summer week around here. 

Karolyn was with my parents in Branson, MO and then traveled to Kansas with them to play with my brother's kids for a few days. Now she is staying at Shawn's parent's house and playing with Eric's kids and riding Cheyenne. We miss her like crazy!

 Our garden is starting to produce and we've been enjoying multi-colored green beans raw and steamed.

 I picked quite a bit of basil and parsley to dehydrate for this winter. I haven't dehydrated spices before, so we'll see how this goes.


The kids worked really hard to get all their 4-H projects finished in time for the county fair this week. I'm pretty sure moms should get a ribbon too!
 Kaylee is in her last year as a cloverbud, so she did three projects and got three rainbow ribbons. 
She was pretty exicited about her ribbons!

 Kolsen talking with the judge about his chalk pastel drawing that he did.
Note to mom: make sure it has a hanger on the back.

 Kaylee's lupine chalk pastel. She used a picture from our flowers of MN book and did this all on her own.

 She also completed a baby quilt and we were able to bring it to the fair, since our friends ended up having a boy. She did a fantastic job on the binding and is excited about doing another quilt soon!

 Kolsen created a wildlife poster and talked about why prairie potholes are important. He had fun putting together the poster and I think Shawn was happy to see his son becoming passionate about something he loves too.

The two little girls and I enjoyed a concert at N.P. Park this week sponsored by the library. It was a bluegrass band from the twin cities. The weather was beautiful and the girls had fun watching the lady of the group clog. She also gave us a quick lesson on the autoharp since we got their early, which was interesting to learn about.

 Kolsen's cheering squad at his latest game. Kaylee, LT and Kassidy loved watching the game (and playing at the park).

 I love this picture with Kolsen (on deck) in the background. 
His team is 9-0 so far this season and Shawn is doing a great job as coach.

We've also been finding some spare minutes to keep the house clean which is important since all the neighborhood kids and in and out of the house all day playing. I thought my mom was crazy when she bought these mopping shoes at a garage sale, but my kids LOVE to help me mop the floor with them. These are a must have item for any mom with little kids and lots of spills.

Now we just have to wait for Shawn to get off work so we can go on the fair rides and eat yummy food tonight. On Sunday, Karolyn finally comes home, along with my in-laws for the week. The kids are counting down the days! More summer fun is coming.

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  1. I'm excited to hear how your spices turned out! I love seeing all the things you do with your summer produce!