Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The First Set of Grandparents Arrive

We just finished a nine day visit from my parents. We were excited they were able to make it up this summer after my dad's heart surgery earlier this year. Even with the kids not feeling well for a day or two we still managed to get in lots of summer fun.

 Watching gymnastics class

New shoes!

 They had a really neat obstacle course set up for the girls during one the days.

 We sat by neighbors and friends for the parade which had been postponed because of bad weather. The kids came home with lots of candy and were most excited about getting Sherwin Williams bags from our neighbor to put their candy in.

 Don't you think he needs a little brother???

 Our parade crew. Karolyn was under the weather, so Shawn stayed home with her.

 We celebrated the 4th of July with fun hairdos, fancy nails and fire works in Whapeton.

 The little girls have been begging to go to Adams School to play on the tower playground toy. cream from Dairyland.

 It was a little cool and rainy one day so we went to the local Americinn and did some swimming indoors.

 The last day of gymnastics! Kaylee and Kassidy both loved being in the same class.

 Later in the week, we had some weather in the high 80s so we hit up Hoot Lake for some boating and swimming. I did my first swim for the triathlon coming up at the end of the month. Brrrr...the lake was pretty cold, but after the initial shock wore off we had lots of fun.

 We made it over to Fargo for a Redhawks game and got everyone in for free with our Sunmart receipts, but we spent plenty of money on yummy snacks. The best part was realizing two different neighboring families were at the game sitting right in front of us.

 Kolsen's team had the week of July 4th off, so my parents stayed through Monday night to watch a game. Kolsen played 2nd base and also pitched a couple of innings. So far they haven't loss any game this season.

And one of my favorite parts of the week was visiting LT's new little brother at the hospital. Holden is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen and I'm hoping to get some more time snuggling with him when we start up bible study again this fall.

Karolyn turned 9 in March and she has been counting down the days to her special trip to Branson with Nana Kristi and Papa Tom. They've got all sorts of fun shows and activities planned for the week and I'm sure she'll love being the only grandkid being spoiled rotten by Nana and Papa this week.

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