Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Papons Visit!

Our family has been busy soaking up the beautiful Minnesota weather! The West Ottertail County Fair was a few weeks ago and Kolsen and Kaylee each entered a few projects for 4-H. This was the first year for us to enter projects and I'm sure we'll be doing it again in the future. Karolyn was busy down south with Shawn's parents and her Kansas Cousins, so she didn't enter anything this year.

 The little girls loved the carousel.

 Kolsen could have spent all day on the bumper cars!

 Nana Yvette and Papa Bruce finally arrived with Karolyn and lots of garden produce! I could hardly believe how much stuff they were able to haul in the airplane.

When Nana Yvette comes we always try to fit in an art project! This time we did flowers with acrylic paint and canvases.

 Nana and I canned a few pints of salsa with all the produce she brought up! I'll be delivering it when we go south next time.

We had lots of baseball games! Kolsen is #3 on the left.

 Kassidy playing first base! She LOVES baseball, just like her brother.

 The kids were excited to show off their skills to Papa and Nana.

Kassidy batting. She hit quite a few balls all the way to the grass. She's a slugger!

 We also spent a few afternoons at the lake, but we couldn't seem to hit a sunny day so the swimming was pretty cold.

 Totally out of order, but this was Karolyn and the k-cousins painting at Nana's house.


 Nana's church group had a canvas painting class one day when she was visiting, so Karolyn went along and came home with a beautiful painting.


 Nana and Karolyn went out to pick some sandplums so we could make jelly. I think Nana did most, if not all of the picking and Karolyn played with Nana's camera. We did try to make jelly, but it ended up being more like syrup. Oh well, we'll love it on crepes and pancakes all winter long.

 The cheering section. These girls have watched a LOT of baseball through the years. 

 Triathlon training. I usually take a noodle with me so boats can see me in the water (and in case I cramp up). Notice the white caps, it was pretty wavy this day and I couldn't really see the buoy until I was right up on it.

 I love this new family picture. Thanks Nana!!! 

We are so thankful when our family comes up to visit! We had a blast all week long and I'm sure it'll take a while for Nana and Papa to recover from all the fun. 

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  1. Just reading this blog post makes me tired! You guys packed in tons of fun while they were there! The kids were excited to see Karolyn for a couple days while she was at Nana and Papa's!