Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer's Not Over Yet

Whew! What a crazy weekend. We finally finished up our last kid activity for the summer with Kolsen's Mets team winning the championship game on Big Friday, with a win in the bottom of the last inning. It was a nail bitter!

 I'm so thankful that Shawn has the time, talent and love to coach Kolsen's baseball team. The parents of the team players couldn't say enough good things about him after the season was over.

Shawn treating the team players to DQ after they win the big game!

We still weren't done with our day yet! After spending a few hours at home to change clothes and eat dinner we headed back out to watch the Red Horse Ranch rodeo. The kids all enjoyed watching and we had some beautiful weather. Karolyn took our camera and took fifty or so pictures!

 The kids loved the border collies and monkeys that were part of one act.

Our garden is still producing...about an ice cream bucket of green beans every day, some tomatoes, cucumbers and a few zucchinis. The CSA box is coming each week and we are enjoying a good variety of vegetables with it. For our second farm pick we headed out to the farm on Saturday and picked 10 gallons of onions to freeze for this winter. The kids have been trying to help. Kolsen and Kaylee are my best onion choppers! Kassidy and Karolyn's eyes start watering when they walk in the room.

This big bowl is all chopped onion and we still haven't made it through our first bucket yet.  Chopping onions may be part of our school day tomorrow.

Shawn decided to organize another Fargo/Moorehead Redhawks day for Kolsen's baseball team. The boys get to go down on the field, be announced over the announcement system and run out to their position. One of the Redhawks comes out and signs their paper. The boys were all really excited and I think they all enjoyed it. I got everyone in the van to leave, but left our camera at home, then my phone died right before we got there so we only have a few pictures from Shawn's phone.

 Kolsen is second from the back.

Kolsen and Karolyn both love watching baseball! And eating snacks!

We ended our crazy weekend with Shawn teaching in the nursery at church, a few kids (and mom) feeling under the weather for a while and a Go Fish concert sponsored by the christian school that meets at the NAZ church. The kids loved watching the concert and danced their way through the whole show. I love that their music has such a powerful message.

We had fun this weekend, but I'm looking forward to spending the whole day at home tomorrow!

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