Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gooseberry Falls State Park

I love Minnesota! Our state is beautiful and has so many amazing places to visit. Our summer was so busy this year that we didn't get out camping until September. We decided to try out a new state park and went to Gooseberry Falls, which is over on the North shore of Lake Superior. It was amazingly beautiful and the kids had a great time. I also love that my parents can remember bringing me here as a child when we made it up North to visit my mom's sister Jerri and her family. I'll definitely have to see if my mom can find some pictures of me at the park.

Getting ready for our private tour of the Gitchi Gummi Trail with one of the park workers. We ended up camping on Sunday night through Tuesday so most of the park and camp ground was empty. The kids loved it when he showed them all the berries they could eat around the park.

On of the views from the trail. Our campground was about a five minute hike from this picture.

Looking out at Lake Superior. The kids loved that you could see WI from the shore on the first day. food.

They had really nice bike trails, but it was pretty hilly so we didn't make it outside of the park.

The kids LOVED that they could crawl all over the rocks and touch the falls.

Holding on to the troops while looking over a cliff.

The kids loved this rock bridge/tunnel!

Karolyn was all over!

We had beautiful weather each day, but it was cool enough to enjoy some hot chocolate each morning.

A beautiful lighthouse that was in the State Park just North of Gooseberry.

We did most of our biking from the campground up to the visitor's center.


They found the loot!

I can't wait until we can go back!

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