Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy 90th Birthday Papa Guy!

We made our fourth trip down to Kansas, in August, for Shawn's grandpa's 90th birthday party. We drove down on Friday and stayed in a hotel for two nights. It was really hot for us Minnesota people, but we still managed to have a fun day out at the farm. I really wished we lived closer so we could make the trip over to Guy's farm more often.

 Papa Guy has four John Deere tractors that he has redone and he still uses them so of course his cake had to have a John Deere on it.

 Papa Guy and Nana Bernie. Still in love! I'm hoping Shawn and I are doing this good when we turn 90.

 Our four generation picture.

The kids loved riding and driving all the antique tractors around the field.

 They even let me drive!

 Papa Guy, Papa Bruce, Kolsen and Kelton out driving around.

 Some of the great grand kids. It was pretty hot out, so the kids kept coming in the house to cool off.

 Their septic system broke during the party so we couldn't use the bathroom, which is lots of fun when you have 40 people and no bathroom. :)

 The K kids, Kolsen, Kelton, Karolyn, Kaylee, Katie, Kassidy and Konnor.

 Kolsen drove all the tractors! I'm pretty sure he's a farm boy at heart.

 Papa Guy, hot roding on his tractor.

 Konnor loves Karolyn! They played together quite a bit, I think he likes her best because she'll wrestle with him.

Yep, they had fun wrestling.

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