Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nana's Big Surprise!

 Nana had quite to surprise when we arrived at her house on Monday! She had just had a new horse delivered and boy where my girls excited! Meet Spur.


 Waiting for their turn!


 I think Karolyn already loves Spur! She is definitely my cowgirl.


 Nana catching some trouble!

I think Nana is going to be getting some major bonus points for this surprise! My kids are so spoiled! Nana even found her spurs that Papa gave her for their wedding and let Karolyn try them on. Spur definitely needs a little motivation to get up and go (my kind of horse).

 Shawn practicing his roping skills.

 Karolyn's first time to trail ride on a horse. Spur doesn't like to get up and go, so Nana let Karolyn take him up the road to the hangar and back. Karolyn has in heaven! It will be even better next time we visit because Nana will be able to ride Sunny and they can go together.

 Spur was a pretty big horse and the girls liked riding together.

 Nana keeps the kids on their toes and if they want to ride, they have to take care of the horse too. Karolyn is showing Kassidy the ins and outs of picking the hoof clean.

Karolyn putting Spur up for the day. He was such a good boy.

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  1. The kids are so blessed to have a Nana in invest in things they love so much! Spur is sweet (and slow). We love him too!