Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where has the last month gone?

It's been a busy month for our family! We started school in mid-August because we knew we would be so busy with our CSA and two different vacations (but that's another whole post).

 The kids were super sad that our neighbor's moved to California. My kids LOVED playing with Olivia and her brother Joey for the past five years that we've lived in MN. For the past year, they also enjoyed having Olivia as their piano teacher. She was wonderful and I'm not sure we'll be able to replace her with anyone who will be as passionate, caring and understanding of all my kids differences in learning styles.

 We've also been busy taking care of our CSA produce. It is getting to be normal for our house to have piles and buckets of veggies laying all around! We've done the Bluebird Garden's CSA for so long that I forget to take pictures. So far we've processed 10 gallons of onions, 10 gallons of peas, 10 gallons of tomatoes, 10 gallons of cucumbers and 10 dozen ears of corn. I love being able to pull out all this yummy food in the middle of winter.

As I mentioned earlier we've also been busy doing homeschool, but I haven't taken many pictures of that either. I did manage to get some pictures of the kids when we toured Bonanzaville in Fargo, ND a few weeks back with a few other homeschool families. The kids had a great time seeing all the old town things. We would definitely go back again and managed to spend 3 hours there this time!

 I think we wore them all out! They decided to lay down and get some rest in this old airplane.

We've been busy working on science class too and are studying the human body at home. We've done some fun hand-on experiments, but of course no pictures, sorry! A couple weeks ago we were able to get out to the Prairie Wetlands for Monarch tagging. We had so much fun catching butterflies on Saturday that we went back on Sunday with Shawn to do it again. I didn't keep track of how many we caught, but it was at least 20! It was a really good year for Monarch butterflies this year, last year they only caught 50 during their whole season and this year they had 100 the first day. I'm so glad that homeschooling allows us to do all these fun extras! I saw 5 other homeschool families out in the two days we were there.

 Tagging the butterfly and writing down the information.

 The joy of releasing!

In the next post I hope to get caught up on our vacation trip and it was a busy one!

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