Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hunting, Preserving and Special Guests

 Shawn and Kolsen have been busy hunting whenever they get a chance. The hunting hasn't been as good as it was in Canada so Shawn has been a little disappointed, but I think he's still having fun. If he wasn't doing so many construction projects at work, I'm sure he'd be taking some more time off for hunting.

 I'm still busy preserving the harvest. I'm trying some fermented vegetables so we'll see how that goes. We also went back out to the farm on Sunday had picked up a few last minute items like kale, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, bok choy and brussel sprouts before they closed the farm for the winter. Our freezers are stuffed, so I think I may have to do a little rearranging to get it all in.

 Our good friends let us pick all the apples off their tree, so last week the kids and I took one day and preserved all the apples in apple butter, syrup, jelly, dried apples, pie filling and apple sauce. I really wish we had an apple tree!

 Kaylee and Kolsen completing a science experiment early in the morning on what type of hair is stronger. Kaylee's straight hair held up 36 pennies and Kassidy's curly hair only held up 32 pennies. Did you know that the shape of your hair follicles determines if you hair is curly, wavy or straight? I love learning right along with my kids.

 Baby holding is the favorite activity of the week!

 Karolyn is a little mother and loves on Holdon every chance she gets. If this boy makes a peep, she's on him!

 Kolsen with a rare chance to hold Holden.

 Lincoln is enjoying his time playing with everyone this week. I wish we had been able to watch them last week since our weather was so much nicer, but they are keeping busy indoors. 

Kolsen's K-State pumpkin

 All the kids spent Tuesday morning painting and carving their pumpkins. I always have in my mind what they might do and they have their very OWN ideas that they want to do on their own. The kids all did their whole pumpkins on their own this year. I think the only thing I did was cut Kassidy's top off and cut Lincoln's pumpkin. After pumpkin carving we had a quick lunch of pancakes and the went to Kolsen's speech class.

 A little bit of Nebraska support for Nana and Papa Cook.

Kaylee can get a smile and a giggle out of Holden during any part of the day.

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  1. Looks like the kids enjoyed babysitting and carving their pumpkins! And they look beautiful indeed!