Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm thankful for this crazy life!

I'm so thankful for the life God has planned for our family. We had yet another crazy, homeschooling day today and I loved every minute of it and I'd like to share a few of the details with you.

I have to start this story with yesterday's activities. All of my kids did all their school work (even all the extra work they do with me!) and I didn't have anyone in tears. It was a great school day. The girls were all excited about gymnastics on Monday evening, but when we showed up we realized that Fergus most not have had school for the day because there was no gymnastics. I forget that even as a homeschooler I have to keep up with the public school schedule. So, I took my girls back home and they had their own gymnastics class in the living room. Thanks Nana, for all the gymnastics mats! They sure do get used quite often.

On Tuesday, Shawn took the morning off work so he could take Kolsen duck hunting. They didn't end up shooting any ducks, but were able to see a huge flock of Tundra Swans flying off the wetland they were hunting and enjoy some quality time together. I'm thankful we can choose to delay school work for the more important things in life!

The girls and I slept in (until 7:00) and enjoyed snuggling on the couch for a while before eating breakfast. Then we worked on school for a few hours before my friend, who just started homeschooling on Monday, came over with her kids to look at some of my curriculum. I love getting to share my curriculum and books that I'm not currently using with friends.

When Shawn and Kolsen got home from hunting we went to Applebees to use a gift certificate that I had won on Facebook. Shawn left from there and went to do a conference call at work. The kids and I ran by the library to get some books I had requested from other libraries for next week science and social studies. Of course, I forgot to write Kolsen's speech class on the calendar for November so we missed it. I didn't remember about speech class until one of my friend posted a picture on Facebook about her daughter giving her speech. Needless to say, Kolsen wasn't too disappointed. ;)

When we got back home, we finished up the rest of our school work and then Shawn took Kaylee out for an evening duck hunt. She was really excited to have a special trip with daddy. She loved that she got to use his duck call to call in a duck he ended up shooting. She was on cloud nine when she called me on their drive back.

Kolsen and Karolyn spent the afternoon working on a home-made Christmas gift.  Kassidy and I played at least 6 different board games. She's pretty competitive and I'm pretty sure I know where she gets it from.

After supper the kids were all wound up to show Shawn what they've been doing at school. Kaylee just finished a phonics box, Kolsen was starting some new complex math problems, Kassidy had to show off her reading skills and even Karolyn broke out her math book to do a few pages. I'm thankful that all my kids love doing school and are even willing to do school the night before to get things done. Of course during this time, I get a phone call asking if we are coming to Bible study tonight? What??? I was sure this week was going to be cancelled since our friend's husband is in Haiti on a missionary trip with our church, but no we're still having it. We threw on our shoes and headed out the door. Luckily, Kolsen is our best babysitter and is always willing to help out. The kid worked on school for about 45 more minutes and then Karolyn tucked the little girls in bed.

Tomorrow, Kolsen and Shawn will get another chance to go hunting in the morning before he
heads to work after lunch. Snow may be in the forcast, so the girls and I will be hunkering down at home with school work and hot chocolate. I love this crazy life!

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