Friday, February 13, 2015

My Father's World

I love getting to spend my days learning with my kids each day. The My Father's World curriculum is amazing and such a wonderful fit for our family. This year I'm doing the kindergarten curriculum with Kassidy (and Kaylee loves doing all the crafts and listening to all the books too) and the kids are all participating in the MFW Rome to the Reformation. I love, love, love that we can do all this learning together as a family and the kids all have amazing incites to share with each other.

Kassidy learned about turtles last week and made a yummy turtle snack.

 We just finished learning about the Romans and finished the week out with a Roman Feast. The kids had fun and enjoyed making dad dress up with them. I think we used all the sheets, table clothes and belts in the house. :)

I'm pretty sure the Roman Empire failed in part because they ate lying down. We had so much fun, but lying down wasn't my favorite way to eat food. Luckily we had plenty of couch cushions, gymnastics mats and pillows to make everyone a couch to lounge on.

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