Saturday, February 7, 2015

Winter Vegetables

Food is always a topic of conversation at our house. My children ask me for food about every 15 minutes.

In the middle of winter I'm always thankful for our summer CSA share. Today I went through both of my freezers, organized all my freezer meals, frozen vegetables and meat to see what I had in stock. I've got quite a few things left in both of my freezers and wrote up a paper, listing which veggies I still have left and put circles next to the name to mark the amount. I'm hoping this will help me to remember what's in the freezer and motivate me to use it up before next summer.

 I'm always amazed at how long our CSA vegetable last! Just last week we used up our final two spaghetti squash and we still have two ice cream pails of potatoes. I did have to go buy green beans at the store the other day since the farm didn't have a very good crop of them this summer and we ate all the ones we grew in our garden. While digging through the freezer and getting everything organized I did find 7 bags of flat beans and snap peas I didn't know I had. Score!

Now I just need to talk myself in to meal planning.

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