Monday, May 4, 2015

Dirty Fingers

The kids and I finally got out garden started this weekend. Shawn had a meeting to attend, so he helped us shop for all the plants and kept me from buying too much and then left for his meeting. I'm always amazed when the weather turns nice in the spring and then stays nice all summer long. We are loving these 70 degree days!

 This is the newest section of plants we added this year. I'm always trying to brainstorm ways to plant more areas in our yard and after we completed our deck last year, this spot has been a muddy eye sore. It is now my new herb garden. The kids and I planted basil, parsley, mint, oregano, chamomile, rosemary and cilantro. We'll see how they do in this partly shady spot.

 Our garden may look the same, but we took down the old fencing that was bent and ugly and added 5 additional feel in width to the garden. The kids are all tall enough to make it over the fence now without bending it down like crazy, so hopefully this fence will last for a while.

This is by our patio behind our garage and is sunny only before the trees leaf out. It is in total shade for most of the summer. Last year I tried adding some lettuce and other garden plants, but they didn't like it. I added the tulips (in the back), Yvette and Bruce gave me for my birthday after the flowers died. This bed only had three hosta plants in it and it really needed some more, so I watched a youtube video on how to divide your hostas. They wanted you to wash the dirt off the roots and then carefully pull them apart...I decided to do my own thing. I dug them up and chopped them apart with a shovel and now I have eight hostas! We are also currently try to get grass to grow in the area wear Abby loves to walk and lay. I put some of my garden fencing around the area, which I know she can jump, to hopefully give the new grass a fighting chance.

We ended up planting 11 tomato plants, 6 kale plants, two hills of cucumbers, 1 hill for zucchini, 3 banana peppers, 3 jalapeno peppers, 3 celery, peas, pole beans, more cucumbers for two of the trellis, onion and lettuce and collard greens. I'm ready for summer veggies from the garden!

The kids helped, but since Shawn wasn't around I didn't get any pictures of the kids helping out or me dragging Kolsen back outside away from the NASCAR race and Royals game. :) We are waiting for Kaylee to get home before we plant all of our flower pots.

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