Monday, August 31, 2015

First Week of School

 We are once again doing another year of My Father's World history. I love this program and my kids enjoy all the books and activities. This cake was the first project that we've repeated from when Kolsen did second grade Adventures while Karolyn was in kindergarten. It is so much fun to see my second two enjoy the same activities that my older two did. We are starting our year with the explorers and then focusing more on American history.

The girls have enjoyed using their new desks! 
I love these light weight, folding tables that also adjust in height.

We started school last Thursday, which gave us seven days to complete our first full week of school. I'm glad I decided to start a couple of days early. With all of our extra activities, cross country, dentist (with 12 teeth pulled from 3 kids!), tagging butterflies, planting prairie plants and I don't even remember what other things we squeezed in. We did manage to get most of our school stuff done and even enjoyed watching Kolsen complete a science experiment this weekend.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Duck Banding

We always enjoy attending the duck banding day at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center. This year Kolsen and Shawn went out to help gather up the ducks in the various traps around town before the event. The girls and I slept in and then met the boys for the fun part!

 The boys demonstrating how to get the ducks out of the trap. 

 Listening to our friend Fred explain about why we band ducks.

 Learning from our favorite biologist!

 Karolyn and her friend.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Twenty dozen ears of corn and 20 gallons on tomatoes, processed and ready for winter consumption! Now I need a nap.

First Day of School 2015

I love my kiddos and I love that we can spend so much time together. We are excited to be starting a new year in our homeschool adventure together. New this year, a junior high student and a band player.

 After dropping Kolsen off at cross country practice we did some school work in the classroom, then headed to the park to enjoy our Subway lunch.

 History is always fun for moms and kids when you are at the park.

 We finished up our day tagging monarch butterflies. We didn't catch as many as we did last year, but still had fun. I'm hoping to make it back out one more time next week, but we'll have to see how our week goes.

 The annual 1st day of school picture. I can't believe how quickly they grow! 

Kassidy is in 1st grade.

 Kaylee is in 3rd grade.

 Karolyn is in 5th grade.

Kolsen is in 7th grade.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Playing with the Cousins

We always love spending time in Kansas with our families. It's even more fun when cousins, aunts and uncles get in on the action too!

 I love these kids! They had so much fun spending the day together!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Baseball Summer

We had a lot of baseball this summer. 

Kolsen had practice every Monday and games on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Kassidy had games every Monday and Wednesday all summer long. 

I feel like we lived at the ball park this summer. I'm so glad my kids enjoy playing sports and I love watching their games, but I'm always secretly relieved when the activities end and we get a few weeks off.

 Here are some pictures highlighting Kolsen and Kassidy playing baseball. Both kids' teams ended up winning their big Friday games! Kassidy chose to go to KS with Nana and Papa and missed her last week of baseball, but according to all the pictures I've seen on Facebook, I think she's having more fun in KS. Kolsen's team won 8-3 with Kolsen pitching the final three innings and only giving up one run.