Saturday, February 27, 2016

Music Practice

Besides spending time practicing piano everyday, the kids have added some new instruments to the mix.

Karolyn is really enjoying band this year! I never have to ask her to practice her clarinet during the week.

Kaylee is getting a head start on her 5th grade band by a couple of years. She loves her flute!

I can't even keep track of how many hours a day this boy plays the piano. He sits down to do his first required 30 minutes early in the morning. During the rest of the day he'll sit down and play for 10-30 minutes at a time each time he walks by the piano. I can't wait to hear his recital songs this spring. He has improved so much over the past two years.

***Kassidy also has a saxophone that used to be her fathers from when he was in high school. Every time the big girls get out their instruments to practice she is right there with them, I just don't know where the picture I took of her is.

Misc. picture:  V-Day party shirts we made for our co-op V-Day Party.

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