Sunday, May 22, 2016

Piano Concert May 2016

My kids amaze me all the time. They work so hard to perfect their songs and I'm blessed that they are willing to practice without me having to nag them. They love their music teacher and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. My kids love going to lessons and spending time with their teacher Aimee! This was their third concert with Aimee. They've been taking lessons for a year and a half with her and she is amazing.

This video was shot the week before the concert, so they aren't dressed up. (and I'm not sure some of them had their hair combed, oh well.) I loved not having to worry about recording their songs the day of the concert and I could just enjoy listening to them perform.

Fairy Gardens

These two beautiful girls got to attend a fairy gardening class at Swedburg Nursery in Battle Lake. They had a blast picking out plants and accessories and I'm hoping we can keep them alive for the next month, so we can enter  them in the county fair.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time with Nana and Papa

We had a blast this past week! Nana Kristi, Papa Tom and even Papa Bruce were up for a visit. Of course we drug them around to all our various kid activities and even managed to squeeze in some extra activities too.

Kolsen ran the 800, 1 mile and did the long jump at his last track meet for the year. He had a PR in the 800 and long jump, and matched his best time in the mile with a great final lap!

 We stopped by the Science Museum of MN in the twin cities. 
We will definitely be going back the this museum sometime soon.

 We stopped by the free Como Zoo and Conservatory.

We had a quick practice piano recital since all the grandparents had to leave before our recital.

 Bowling is always fun!

 While the boys went fishing Nana, the girls and I went walking around Lake Alice. 
We had beautiful weather all week long! cream and marbles on the deck.

We finished up a bunch of 4-H projects for the fair.

Last Day of School 2016

We had an amazing year of school this year!
These four kiddos always amaze me with their growth and learning each year.